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some time lapse videos I made

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Like Star Trek? Check out this spoof,


Jean Baudin plays the 11 string bass in this video.Jean Baudin Mario Theme


Behold the first step in an incredibly fast evolutionary process:

Intel's first processor, the 4004, circa 1971.

It consisted of 2,300 transistors, required a core voltage of 12 V and could address up to 640 Bytes of memory. It didn't even require any heat sink.


Z80 CPU die



Ultrasparc CPU die.



The die shot of the Prescott 2MB cores used on all the new Pentium 4 600 series and the Extreme Edition 3.73GHz processor.


Intel Pentium Extreme Edition dual-core CPU, 230 million transistors.


AMD Athlon 64 core.



AMD 64 X2 dual core die.


AMD Phenom II X4 quad core die, 758 million transistors


Nvidia g200 die, 1.4 billion transistors